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Our professional optometry services go beyond eyeglasses & contact lenses ...

​​* We identify your risks for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic or hypertension retinal complications.

* We preserve your visual health by recommending the latest in eye vitamins, digital optics, high oxygen contact lenses, plus useful visual habits in order to lessen your daily eye strain & fatigue.

* We determine if you can benefit from LASIK, specialty contact lenses, vision therapy, or low vision devices.

* We work closely with local opthalmologists specialized in retina, glaucoma, orbital, pediatric & neuro-opthalmology - whom we refer to promptly in order to further investigate, diagnose & treat many  visually debilitating ocular conditions... at the earliest.

Eye Health

Digital Optics

​​* We've adapted patented LASIK wavefront technology in order to individualize & customize your 6G digital lenses - providing you a superb UltraHD visual experience.

* 6G HD optics virtually eliminate all higher order optical abberations, which we often perceive as glare or halos at night, especially.​​

* 6G HD progressive lens wearers consistently experience up to 30% enhanced visual contrast & 35% wider field of vision  compared to regular lenses.

* Facilitate ease of adjustment & adaptation from previous bifocals, trifocals, or standard progressive lenses.

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